Chef's offer

Leberkäse – Bavarian meat bread with pear-mustard, sauerkraut, fresh horse-radish and salty Bavarian pretzel

1850 Ft

Munich style cold apple soup

950 Ft

Oven baked half duck served with onion gravy, and cabbage-raisin potato dumplings

3490 Ft

Bavarian platter for 2 persons Crispy pork knuckle with beer flavoured gravy, fried white sausage, , mashed onion-potato, and Bavarian cabbage

4890 Ft

Barbecue glazed roasted spare ribs with cabbage salad, and spicy steak potatoes

3150 Ft

Plum and poppy seed flavoured dampfnudel with Bavarian cream

1090 Ft

Appetizers, soups

Selection of three eggplant appetizers with fresh vegetables and home-made flatbread

1490 Ft

VakVarjú pig’s brain on toast with red onion salad

1490 Ft

Soft goat cheese with red-currant rhubarb, white asparagus mousse and leek flakes

1790 Ft

Duck liver paté topped with tokaj sweet wine jelly served with toasted milk loaf

2190 Ft

Slavonic beef tenderloin tartare with fresh and marinated vegetables

2390 Ft

Smoked trout fillet with dill-cucumber and sour cream mousse

1990 Ft

Watermelon-tomato gazpacho

990 Ft

Red cheddar cheese cream soup with roasted pepper pesto and corn chips

990 Ft

Hungarian green peas soup with vegetables, chicken broth and butter dumplings

990 Ft

Beef consomme with liver dumpling, egg noodle and fresh julienne vegetables

1090 Ft

Hungarian goulash soup

1090 Ft

Main courses, oven-baked bread dough

Grilled chicken breast with mixed fresh salad and avocado

2250 Ft

Chicken breast roasted in bread, stuffed with Lajta cheese and smoked ham, served with citrus vinaigrette grilled vegetable

2490 Ft

Fried chicken thigh with mashed potato and fresh lettuce salad

2490 Ft

Orecchiette pasta with duck breast, porcini mushroom and pecorino cheese flakes

2690 Ft

Rosé roasted duck breast with green pea risotto and duck greaves

2790 Ft

Vakvarjú Schnitzel with warm spring onion-potato salad

2390 Ft

Slowly braised pork tenderloin mignons with paprika-roesti potatoes, cold squash stew and dill-oil

2690 Ft

Tripe stew with pork knuckle served with boiled potato

2190 Ft

Crispy squealer knuckle with bavarian cabbage, roasted potato dumpling and rosemary jus

2450 Ft

Bacon rolled pork tenderloin stuffed with smoked parenica cheese and spring onions served with Liptauer cheese mashed potato

2690 Ft

Wheat tortilla stuffed with pork tenderloin bites and cheddar cheese served with citrus-oil green salad

2490 Ft

Beef tenderloin steak served with fresh letcho and home made potato scone

4390 Ft

Slowly roasted boneless leg of lamb with creamy polenta and spicy chickpea ragout

3490 Ft

Roasted whole trout with creamy spinach and parsley potatoes

2750 Ft

Salmon steak seared with stawberry flavoured sea-salt, served with citrus fruits mixed bulgur salad

3490 Ft

Grilled smoked sheep milk cheese with cherry tomato salad and elderflower vinaigrette

2490 Ft

VakVarjú oven-baked bread dough

1850 Ft

Menus for kids

Plate of chicken soup with vegetables and fried cheese with steamed rice

1150 Ft

Plate of chicken soup with vegetables and fried chicken breast with pommes frites

1150 Ft

Plate of chicken soup with vegetables and fried fish fingers with mashed potato

1150 Ft

Plate of chicken soup with vegetables and spaghetti Bolognese with grated cheese

1150 Ft


Floating island with caramel and walnut crumbs

850 Ft

Kaiserschmarrn with home made apricot jam

890 Ft

Cottage cheese dumpling with sweet sour cream

890 Ft

Coconut-red fruits charlotte served in dessert cup

950 Ft

VakVarjú Somló-style sponge cake

980 Ft

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Gift voucher

Surprise your beloved ones with VakVarjú experience!

Do you wish to give a really useful yet lovely present? VakVarjú dinner vouchers are ideal for any occasion, be it a birthday, nameday, wedding present or just because, you would like to show how much you care.
Give a whole night experience at VakVarjú restaurant!
Our vouchers are varied and are available for 2, but also for groups up to 10.

Our vouchers contain:
A three-course lunch or dinner for the holder of the voucher, accompanied by a Birdie Girl or Birdie Boy of their choice. Bird food may be selected from our current menu or the Chef's offer, that can be also checked previously on our website. Our vouchers are available with one glass accompanying drink or unlimited drink consumption.

Standard dinner vouchers:

For 2 people, 3-course meal of your choice, plus one glass of drink per person: HUF 12 500
For 2 people, 3-course meal of your choice, all-you-can-drink for both: HUF 14 900
For 3-10 people, 3-course meal of your choice, plus one glass of drink per person: HUF 6 250 Ft / person
For 3-10 people, 3-course meal of your choice, all-you-can-drink for all: HUF 7 450 Ft / person

The above prices are gross, include VAT.
On individual request, we are delighted to compile special voucher packages. For further information, please visit our restaurants or call +36 1 398 62 55 or send an e-mail to ujlipot@vakvarju.com.

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